Argyll Hotel

Isle Of Iona

Meet our great new team of staff!

Introducing our fantastic team for 2018....

Whether you are a returning guest or a first time visitor we hope that you feel very welcome at the Argyll Hotel Iona. Our tag line ‘Come home to the Argyll Hotel’ is more than words. The ethos of sustainability and respect for diversity extends first and foremost to our staff. They are our frontline welcome and play a really vital part in first impressions of all visitors. We want them to feel appreciated for the hard work that they do and the gifts that they bring as individuals. All the owners are an active part of the team so it is a true team effort!


We try and attract as many local folks as possible to work with us but there are many local business so we then spread our net wide attract from a very wide audience indeed. This year we have Scottish, Irish, English, Italian, German, Canadian, Australian, South African and Portuguese representatives. Working on a small island is not to everyone’s taste and being happy in a small community is so important and every year can bring it’s challenges. This year we have many returning staff, this brings a sense of closeness and ease as they bring their experience and understanding to the daily flow of life in the hotel. We have 18 people who make up the team jigsaw!


Those working front of house in the restaurant are those you will become most familiar with, but like every graceful swan there is much paddling behind the scenes. Rhona and Malaika have stepped up to team leaders alongside Brendan, Elliot, Sarah and Sonia who deliver such a great service experience.


Our housekeeper is just so important to us, as a room prepared with love and attention is noticed and felt by guests.  This year we have Erika who brings efficiency and attention to detail to her daily routine. Always ask if you need anything and she is very happy to help.


Our new head gardener Euan is probably the longest serving member of the Argyll Team starting as kitchen assistant at the age of 13…he has since shone in every department he has worked in and is bring his many talents to his new role and we are very excited enjoy the wonderful vegetables that he is growing. This year we are delighted to welcome Kirsten who will bee assisting Euan in the garden and will also be part time in the kitchen preparing vegetables and assisting the kitchen team at lunch and evening service.


The kitchen is at the heart of all that we do, creating hand crafted food from breakfast, lunch, the famous Argyll Scone for afternoon tea and also an a la carte menu using as many local and organic ingredients as is possible. Richard leads the team for his final season with Tom the Sous and 2 other talented chefs, Nolan and Jason. To complete the team Darren has joined the kitchen as overall support and assistance. The energy of kitchen is on fire and the food this year is the best ever.  We believe that how the food is sourced and prepared truly impacts the taste and eating experience, and we hope that you agree.


It is not all work though for the staff create a great social life. Creating events in the hall, having beach bonfires and generally getting out and about on the many beaches of Iona. They sometimes come in for lunch or dinner too!


This season is shaping up to be a great one especially with such a lovely spell of sunshine and warmth. After such a long and cold winter it is being much appreciated. So whether you just visit for a cuppa or a longer stay, we are delighted to welcome you. We so appreciate how many of you return year after year to spend time with us!

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